Whether you’re waiting for a phone call, an important email, or the kettle to boil, waiting can be frustrating. Waiting for cash inflow for your business can be just as frustrating as the anticipation builds, and you feel suspended, unable to progress, unable to grow.

It is said that waiting is a game of patience. But perhaps it is rather a game of motion. When you’re actively doing something else, the wait doesn’t seem to mount such an offensive. When you have momentum that wait becomes secondary, as the result no longer holds your attention, or your progress, hostage. When you can move forward your business moves forward. And what facilitates this movement? Well, a bridge.

“Bridging Finance is an asset-backed form of financing used to maintain liquidity while waiting for an anticipated and reasonably expected cash inflow.”

Often short term in nature (three to nine months) Bridging Finance allows access to much-needed funds and the terms around the agreement can be tailored to each unique business’ needs when facilitated by private institutions like Merchant Factors.

“Bridging Finance by its very nature presupposes that it needs to be available almost immediately and unlike commercial banks and other financial institutions, Merchant Factors boast the quickest turnaround time in the industry from application to pay out; making us an extremely viable option in respect of working capital solutions.”
Johnny Philippou, Managing Director

For SMEs, Bridging Finance can be a lifeline to help overcome financial hurdles that so many small and medium enterprise companies face in South Africa. Beyond this short-term funding, other creative solutions like Factoring and Trade Finance or working capital finance can assist with growth and expansion opportunities for Business-to-Business entrepreneurs. Find out more by chatting with us here.