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Business Rescue Finance

We’ve assisted many of clients achieve business success.

Factoring as a lifeline in the business rescue process

Merchant Factors is a financial institution with a specific focus on improving cash flow across a range of industry sectors in South Africa.

Our working capital solutions have been utilized extensively over the past 35 years, not only by businesses in distress or those experiencing rapid growth, but also by those requiring a much-needed cash flow injection to get things back on track.

Merchant Factors offers Post Commencement Finance (PCF) funding, either in the form of:

  1. Factoring
  2. Stock Finance
  3. Working Capital Loans
  4. Or a combination of the above

By Merchant Factors offering Post Commencement Finance, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Continuity of the business to continue trading, as they can service creditors and secure product supply.
  • Safeguarding the workforce and avoiding potential lay-offs and retrenchment.
  • Fiscal revenue – by the business continuing to trade, fiscal revenue is contributed to state coffers viz. VAT, employment tax, etc.
  • Payment plans with creditors can be met and uninterrupted supply chain can be secured.  

We have assisted many of our clients to achieve business success.