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Invoice Discounting / Factoring

We’ve assisted many of clients achieve business success.

Invoice factoring is a form of finance designed for businesses that invoice their customers and receive payment on terms.

Merchant Factors advances cash against your customer invoices, enabling you to receive most of the invoice cash value immediately rather than waiting weeks or months to get paid.

The amount of finance available will typically be stated as a percentage of your outstanding debtor book or sales ledger, but may be constrained by specific terms such as limiting exposure to a single large customer.

Merchant Factors provides smart financial solutions that allows businesses such as yourselves more flexibility and fast access to working capital.

How invoice factoring and financing works

Benefits of factoring

  • Increase in sales and profits
  • Cash for expansion
  • Saved management time
  • Minimising potential bad debt
  • Purchase discounts through prompt payment of suppliers (discounts and increased profits should more than offset our charges)
  • A more competitive position for you in the marketplace

Debtor administration services

We cannot overemphasise just how much value our debtor administration services can add to any SME! Our debtor administration services cover:

  • Opening of new debtors’ accounts
  • Checking the completion of credit application forms
  • Performing the necessary credit checks
  • Accessing credit limits by means of reference to the credit reports obtained through Experian, Transunion, ITC and our own database

We have assisted many of our clients to achieve business success.